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Polaroid no. 8

July 5, 2009

A cream coloured curtain hangs across the Polaroid’s frame. It looks to be heavy and is set in semi spherical folds. The camera’s flash has underexposed the image creating a slight cast of both magenta and green. The folds are awkward and uneven. Each is lined at its edges by a black shadow, suggesting the camera’s flash was the only light source available. The folds lift in and out of focus.

A Chestnut-Coloured Carpet (Thera Cognata) moth sits with its wings spread wide on the curtains centre fold. Usually this type of moth is between 11 and 14mm in size. Within the Polaroid the moths intricate detail is lost but its colouring, a few indentations and its profile is visible.

Late at night, Harold’s Cross, Dublin, a moth sits centre image, small and still. Illuminated by a sudden flash.