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Polaroid no. 7

May 16, 2009

A wallpaper pattern of stemmed flowers, that loop and crawl against an off-white colouring, hold and frame a five by seven-inch photograph. The flowers hold four colours, a sea blue, burgundy, beige and an autumn brown. The wallpapers tones have been dulled due to the effects of direct sunlight. Because of the camera’s flash, a white trace of the previous wallpaper’s pattern can just be seen below the paper’s surface. The reach of the flash lessens toward the edge of the Polaroid’s frame, clouding and darkening the off-white wallpaper.

The photograph is unframed. It sits centre left cutting the path of a stem. The print is just larger than a blooming flower and is small in the Polaroid’s frame. The photograph is a multiple exposure. It is a mistake. Many differing moments have been captured on a single negative.

At the photographs right, there is a mosaic of colours cut with harsh white horizontal lines.  No specific detail can be distinguished. The resulting mosaic creates a layer of harsh abstractions. In direct contrast, at the photograph’s left, three side portraits are clearly visible. They are framed by a black lacking detail. Dominating through its size and clarity is a double portrait of a man with curly black hair who looks to be in his fifties. With his shoulders hunched and his eyes downcast he looks to be tired or simply ‘lost in thought’. Less prominent, because of size and visibility, is a woman’s portrait. She holds a white porcelain tea-cup to her mouth. Her exposure is registered between that of the man’s two profile and the photographic black framing both. Her portrait is blended into layers of multiple exposures.