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Polaroid no.1

November 28, 2008

Berlin, Mitte. A picnic bench centres the image. Strips of varnished wood upon painted white iron supports. Functional, all thou on first view it may appear to be a little ‘loose’. The base of the supports shows rising rust from contact with the concrete courtyard. The courtyard has been touched and watermarked by the rain. Slight damp patterns have emerged. The picnic bench is placed next to a wall lined with tallish vegetation, including, to the centre right, a potted plant. The wall is still visible but the vegetation is not sparse. The greenery is fresh if a little distorted from the city. There is enough room for a ladies city travel bike to comfortable rest against the wall. The wall is a weather beaten dirty brown with a slight hint of a light tan. In the top right hand corner, in quite large lettering reads a postcode 1CS 1-19. The design is an inky blue laid upon a white wash. Just below, brickwork is revealed where plaster has crumbled.  There are hints of other painted information scattered on the wall, with a white 8 and a capital T still visible.

The picnic table is centred and tightly cropped allowing equal but breathable space to foreground and background. Placed upon the front bench are small wooden blocks. Different shapes, some rectangular others square but no triangles.  Roughly they are of similar scale, some longer than others or more blockish. They are untouched by the rain, seemingly fresh and clean. Forming two piles with roughly 15 pieces altogether, sitting as such, intentionally or unintentionally, to create two forms. One block upon another, length resting against form, two unfinished towers sit idle. Below the bench two discarded lengths of timber lie on the ground, weather wet.