About 12047berlin

I have a collection of Polaroids. Maybe over one hundred and sixty. The images are a visual diary of my life, covering Harold’s Cross Dublin, Neukolln Berlin, John’s Parish Kilkenny and Shantalla Galway. I began in 2006 and it has been an enduring practice every since. Their is little narrative drive within the collection as a whole. I had themes, but these where more curiosities, than points of departures.There is no one whole to the work, rather separated but interconnected images. Points of interest within the collection include, the photograph, portraits, the act of forgetting, the local, dyslexia, mystery, sequence, family and history.

My friend L. lives far away, and I had often described the images to her over the telephone. I liked the idea of trying to describe objects, places, the light and colour of the images. The descriptions were less interpretations and more denotations. Not necessarily a list, but close. What attracted me to Polaroids in the beginning was the sense of displacement they evoked. They promised immediacy but not as you would expect. Whatever construct or narrative you place upon the image, is offset by the actual object, the Polaroid. Polaroids have a presence, they sit heavily in your hand. They have a particular feel and sometimes they leak. Anchorage.

12047berlin is a attempt to ‘describe’ my collection. Hopefully regularly, realistically probably not.



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