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Polaroid no.4

December 26, 2008

Polaroid no. 4 is a portrait of my mother. A newly exposed Polaroid, held in her left hand, holds her gaze. My mother stands in the left hand side of the frame, leaving an empty blackness in the centre right of the image. Her left hand, extended at the elbow, punctuates this exaggerated darkness. The flash of the camera is strong enough to register my mothers profile but not the evening’s hedges, plants and grasses. She is alone in the image, wearing a white top and blue work pants. The camera’s flash has illuminated the white top excessively, almost bleaching the material. My mother is illuminate as she stands distinctly amidst a late Kilkenny evening.

The Polaroid in her hand is moments away from fully developing. As she stares, her portrait slowly appears to her. My mother looks expectant as the Polaroid cloudy magenta colouring takes shape. Moments earlier she had shaped her body, placing both feet together, stretching out her shoulders and raising her head, K. looked directly into the camera.


Polaroid no.3

December 24, 2008

Scattered, yellow leaves lay in the foreground of the image. The leaves, because of the camera’s flash, are slightly blurred. The resulting pattern creates a line of sight that leads towards the wooden frame of a gazebo. It sits centred in the background of the Polaroid. The gazebo is framed by two singular beech trees, one closer than the other. A worn concrete path is laid in a semi circle reaching from the left centre to the right centre. From the tree to the left, the path arches to meet the gazebo and then arches back to the second tree. Grouped trees clutter to the left and right background of the image. Berlin’s autumn’s foliage covers the worn grass surrounding the gazebo and its trees. In the far background, directly behind the frame, a brightly painted white apartment block overlooks the scene.

The gazebo provides no shelter from the weather or passer bys curiosity. Wooden poles placed in a circle support diagonal poles that lead into two central poles. The poles are jointed together and have the appearance of durability and stability. The frame has been freshly varnished. Within the gazebo four backed benches are placed in a semi circle, facing the camera. The flooring is sanded with no vegetation. All benches are unoccupied. The landscape is neither park nor garden, although it is communal.

Polaroid no.2

December 7, 2008

Within the Polaroid, two photographs of D. lay side-by-side. The pair edge to the centre left of the image. Leaving a dark residing border above, below and to the right, measuring a half an inch. Taken by her brother L., both are horizontal night time portraits. D. is pictured in quick succession, the first unaware the second aware. Unaware she looks to be lost in taught her gaze is lowered. She holds her bag close to her chest. Flatten it almost resembles a colourful fan. D. is wrapped tight against the night time cold of  Berlin, wearing a white wool hat, a grey scarf and a deep blue jacket. She is framed by a city dark, with the camera’s flash reflecting of a distant street sign. It is the flash of the camera that alerts her. Upon the second flash she holds the camera’s gaze.

The flash of the Polaroid camera reflects upon the surface of the second photographic print. Never impinging upon the first. It bleaches the left corner, lessening as it creeps to the centre of the image. The surface grain of the photograph becomes clear.