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Polaroid no. 6

April 19, 2009

Polaroid no. 6 consists of a library table and a red plastic stool. It is a child’s seat in a children’s library. There are no books visible within frame, but small wooden presses to the left of the table hint at their presence. The libraries P.V.C flooring reflects the cameras flash allowing its light blue colouring, wisps of white. The library table is square and has slender black legs with the table’s surface having a cream vinyl finish. Fixed to the centre of the table’s top, is a square mat. It is three-quarters the size of the table.

The mat is a lined pattern of three squares, finished with a border. The pattern is thickly lined in black against a white background. Each square is equally spaced, although the border is only an inch in diameter. The border serves as a beginning and an end. Starting from the centre of each side of the outer square (not the border) four lines dissect the middle square and finish at the outline of the inner square. Laid upon the pattern is a circular sweet tin. It sits towards the right top corner, covering two dissecting lines. This gold coloured tin is filled with a colourful array of Bleistifte, Kugelschreiber, Farbstifte and Anschreiber.