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Polaroid no. 5

February 9, 2009

From left to right M. L. and T. are seated on a green couch. The couch is placed against a beige/yellow sitting room wall. All three adopt formal poses. Shoulders pulled back, hands crossed laid on knee each look directly towards the camera. Their eyes appear visibly clear and steady as they sit shoulder to shoulder. Overall the three, sitting together, appear prepared. It is as if mistakes have been made before, and as such, distrust the cameras flash.

The camera’s crop begins below their knees.  A poster is pinned just above their heads at the mid point of the picture plane. It is about twenty by sixteen inches in size. With no image the poster is covered in a stream of yellow blockish texts laid upon a black background. The text is too small to be identified, but taken as a whole, a grid like construct is revealed. Block after block of text, standing as if pillars. Behind them a wall is painted with the warmth of the yellow and beige colouring. Above the poster, a clock made from a seven-inch vinyl.