Polaroid no.2

December 7, 2008

Within the Polaroid, two photographs of D. lay side-by-side. The pair edge to the centre left of the image. Leaving a dark residing border above, below and to the right, measuring a half an inch. Taken by her brother L., both are horizontal night time portraits. D. is pictured in quick succession, the first unaware the second aware. Unaware she looks to be lost in taught her gaze is lowered. She holds her bag close to her chest. Flatten it almost resembles a colourful fan. D. is wrapped tight against the night time cold of  Berlin, wearing a white wool hat, a grey scarf and a deep blue jacket. She is framed by a city dark, with the camera’s flash reflecting of a distant street sign. It is the flash of the camera that alerts her. Upon the second flash she holds the camera’s gaze.

The flash of the Polaroid camera reflects upon the surface of the second photographic print. Never impinging upon the first. It bleaches the left corner, lessening as it creeps to the centre of the image. The surface grain of the photograph becomes clear.


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